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Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Oil Tanks with Local Display

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Proteus EcoMeter is an innovative, ultrasonic level sensor and energy consumption monitor designed specifically for heating oil tanks used in private sector. EcoMeter is a modern and accurate alternative to mechanical dipsticks and other mechanical devices. EcoMeter can be used with tanks up to  19'999 Liters (4400gal) and 3m height (9,8ft).

By using proven technologies, Proteus EcoMeter allows not only to determine the volume of liquid remaining in the tank, but also to monitor the cost, consumption and even the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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Ultrasonic wireless level gauge for heating oil and diesel tanks

EcoMeter consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitting station, also called sensor, monitors the level of liquid in the tank. It is supplied with a CR2450 lithium battery, which under normal operating conditions provides a lifetime of 2-3 years.

The transmitter sends data wirelessly to a main electricity powered receiver, EcoMeter monitor equipped with a large LCD display.Unlike comparable devices of this type, EcoMeter allows you to not only measure the liquid level in the tank, but also to calculate the remaining volume of the liquid in the tank.

An additional advantage of EcoMeter device is the compatibility with all types of commercial and custom tanks with 2", 1 ¼" and 1 ½" threaded openings. Measurements made using the ultrasound technology are up to 10 times more accurate than comparable mechanical or electronic measuring devices.

Another advantage of ultrasound technology is the lack of moving or mechanical parts installed in the tank. This provides both quick and easy installation and significantly lowers the cost of operation and maintenance, because all the procedures do not require specialized skills or knowledge.

Advantages of Proteus EcoMeter

  • Accuracy to 10 times higher than for comparable measurement systems (+/- 1 cm)
  • Range up to 150 meters (492ft)
  • No wiring, specialized knowledge not needed
  • Wireless data transmission, no cable needed
  • Measuring range up to 3 meters (maximum ultrasonic signal range)
  • Can be used in all standard tanks and cisterns, regardless of its manufacturer or the material tank is built from
  • Sensor suitable for outdoor use, resistant to water splashes
  • Lifetime of a sensor battery is 2-3 years

Optional antenna extension (EcoMeter PLUS)

An additional cable with a length of about 9m (30 ft) between the sensor and wireless module allows you to install the sensor in underground tanks and cisterns, manway opening or hard to access and radio dead areas (e.g. behind thick walls, heavy lids or shafts/manways at depths greater than 20cm (8")  below ground level).

It also allows for the installation of the sensor in radio dead areas, thereby extending the effective working range of the monitor.
EcoMeter PLUS is thus able to provide a stable connection between the sensor and monitor at depths in excess of 20cm (8") and in places covered with heavy metal or concrete covers blocking the radio signal.

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